Sunglasses at Iconic Eye Care

It wouldn’t be Florida without the sun. We live for that bright beautiful ball of fire in the sky. From the beach to the golf course, the pool to the park, we spend most every day dealing with the sun. Why, sunglasses are as much a part of living in Florida as grains of sand in everything and everywhere! Floridians know having good sunglasses is the key to being happy here, which is why many of us have many pairs of sunglasses.

At Iconic Eye Care we care about your eyes and protecting them from the harmful UV light the penetrating Florida sun both blesses and curses us with. That is why we selected the finest sunglasses for both style and protection we could find.

When you step inside our store, you will see sunglasses that not only look fabulous but protect your eyes as well. Like our eyeglasses, these are not the same sunglasses you see on all your friends faces-or on those drug store shelves!- either. Come in today and try on some of the best sunglasses in all of Southern Florida, we’ve got you covered…well, your eyes covered…

Which sunglass is best for your needs? Our friends at Costa del Mar put together this explanation. Let us help fit you with the perfect sunglasses for your needs today!