Use your insurance at Iconic Eye Care

Iconic Eye Care accepts vision insurance.

Every plan is different. We encourage you to really know what your plan provides.

Vision Insurance is unlike any other type of medical insurance, primarily because most patients will need to purchase a product (eyeglasses and/or contact lenses). This product sits right on your nose (or on your eyes) for the whole world to see (and to see the whole world!) so we all want that product to look great, too.

Does your plan cover the cost of eyewear 100%? Yes and No.

Most plans will cover the cost of the most basic, lowest rung of the ladder, in lens technology and eyewear frames. Let’s face it, insurance companies are not concerned with fashion, they care about saving money for their shareholders.

Most of us do not want our insurance company dictating limits to our vision or our eyewear choices. Honestly, who wants to wear the cheapest looking eyeglasses available?

To put it another way, your insurance will usually cover the equivalent of a black and white television, with 3 channels, no remote, and rabbit ears. 

Do you want the 70’s TV, or a brand new HD Smart TV?

The good news however, is that every Vision Care Plan will contribute greatly towards the price of the best glasses or contacts lenses we provide and, thereby, greatly reducing your cost!

Going back to our analogy, what if we told you that your insurance would pay a large portion of that new HD Smart TV? 

You’d say ‘YES!’ of course.  We all would!

Now, don’t you need the best visual experience for your eyes to view the world like that HD Smart TV?