Eyeglasses at Iconic Eye Care

You don’t live in a cookie cutter house while wearing a cookie cutter suit when you drive your cookie cutter car to your cookie cutter job. You take great pains to express your individualism and sense of style in most everything you do. So why would you wear the cookie cutter eyeglasses and sunglasses most of the optical stores in South Florida sell?

They say your eyes are windows to the soul. Let Iconic Eye Care frame those windows with the most beautiful eyewear in Palm Beach. We carry over a dozen different brands of styles in our location but here are some of our most popular and unique collections: Jisco, Modo, ECO, Derek Lam, NW 77th Ct, Frederic Beausoleil, Teka, Ray Ban, Versace, Costa, Minima, MO, and many more

Each frame has been hand selected to provide a look and feel that most eyewear brands can only dream of achieving. We then work with your prescription to individually come up with an optical lens solution that will not only have you looking good but seeing good, which after all, is the reason you need eyeglasses in the first place.

Stop in today and try on the finest eyewear available anywhere from Jupiter to Miami. You’ll be glad you did.