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Whether you’ve been wearing contact lenses for over 40 years or you’re ready to put your glasses aside and try something new, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Even if you’ve tried contact lenses in the past and were unsatisfied then, keep in mind, just like every other technology, contact lenses have changed, too!  We prescribe over 30 different types of contact lenses from the brands below and more.

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Dr. Ramsey’s Do’s and Don’ts about Contact lenses

Question: Doc, I have a high astigmatism in my eyes and was told in the past contact lenses were not possible in my prescription. Can you help? 

Answers: In the past some higher amounts of astigmatism were extremely difficult to fit into contact lenses and the visual outcomes were not ideal.   Due to this, a lot of doctors chose to steer patients away from that type of visual correction. Today we have numerous options for patients with astigmatism called toric lenses, which still come in soft lens form.

Question: Doc, I only want to wear contacts lenses for special occasions, so I don’t want to buy a lot of contacts and waste them. Can you help?

Answer: Today we have great options for single use lenses that are very cost effective and can fit into any budget. Single use lenses are especially good for patient that play sports, working in dirty environment, and occasional users.

Question: Doc, I would love to change my eye color, but I’m not sure if I am a good candidate for contacts.  If I can’t get them in my eye can you help?

Answer: The fear of contact lens insertion is a common occurrence, but it can be eased when you follow the correct protocol. I suggest buying a 10X illuminated mirror to help with insertion and seeking assistance from our office staff. Once you get the lens in and out of your eye picking a fun color will be the least of your worries.

Question: Doc, I would like to be free of glasses, but I need a different prescription for distance than I do for close up. Can you help?

Answer: There are some great multifocal contacts lenses on the market that work to give you similar results to what progressive no line bifocals do in glasses. Freedom from glasses for 80% of visual needs is possible with contact lenses.

Question: Doc, I have irregular corneas due to refractive surgery I had previously. Is it possible to get contact lenses to reduce my dependency on glasses?

Answers: The best course of action for this would be to use scleral hard lenses. That would allow for the best optics. This type of exam is more involved than others, but reducing dependency on glasses is possible.

Dr. Ramsey recommends Aqua Clear Peroxide solution for cleaning your contact lenses.
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