Form, Fashion, Function

Iconic Eye Care
Mainstreet at Midtown
4871 PGA Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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Open Monday 10-6, Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 11-7,  Friday 10-6

We are located inside Main Street at Midtown Plaza. To get to our office please come to the second store front street and look on the north side on the street for our office. Some major landmarks in our plaza are Christopher’s Kitchen, Family Church and JFK Emergency Room.

There exists a somewhat trite saying that ‘the eyes are windows to the soul’. Stop for a moment, and contemplate what that means to you.
Your eyes reflect your mood. 
Regardless of what age you may be, your eyes are still YOU. 
Shouldn’t they be treated and “Framed” accordingly?
The finest eye exams in West Palm Beach are a click away at Iconic Eye Care

From our viewpoint here at Iconic Eye Care the world should present itself to you in majestic high definition! At the same time, your eyes tell a story about your health and your vision that a trained doctor of optometry- our own Dr. Adam Ramsey- can accurately diagnose and treat to improve how you see our world and how the world sees you, too with the finest eye exam in Palm Beach Gardens.

At Iconic Eye Care, Dr. Ramsey will not only examine your eyes completely to offer you the best vision of this beautiful world and all that is in it, he is also able to look inside your eyes for early warning signs of more serious systemic issues like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, to name just a few.

Of all the disciplines in medicine, only in optical, does form, fashion, and function combine into one product that is as unique as you are. Your new amazing Iconic Eye Care eyeglasses will be both a medical device that helps you see better, and, at the same time, a bold statement about who you are and how you choose to present yourself to the world.

Iconic Eye Care brings the Palm Beach area the finest in exceptional eye examinations combined with innovative and exciting eyewear from the best name brand and independent designers from around the world. Dr. Ramsey travels the world to view eyeglasses and sunglasses, searching for unique pieces not found elsewhere, as well. 

Step inside our brand new location at Midtown Plaza in Palm Beach Gardens and see optical the way it is meant to be, the union of form, fashion and function that is Iconic Eye Care.